Wall Profiles

Wall Profiles® is a registered trademark for a range of corner and junction profiles produced in Europe for use in Steel Sheet Pile walls. Evans Piling is the exclusive distributor and stockholder of Wall Profile® products in the UK.

Evans Piling currently stocks a range of connectors. These can be used with all ‘U’ and ‘Z’ Steel Sheet Piling sections having Larssen interlocks. For the full range please contact us at

Other products supplied are;

Tie Rods

Supplied up to 100 mm in diameter
High Yield grades up to 460 Mpa (other grades available on request)
Bars can be partially or fully threaded
All components can be supplied (nuts, washers, bearing plates, turnbuckles, articulated joints etc...)
Corrosion protection for the bars can be carried out (tapes, paint systems and galvanising)

Steel Walings

Full range of Beams and Channels for Walings are offered.

For further details on Tie Rods and Steel Walings, please arrange to contact us at

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