Evans Piling has a presence and service record within the UK of over 40 years as a stockholder of Steel Sheet Piling and a provider of associated products and services to the civil and contracting industry.

Evans Piling is a member of the Metpro Group of companies that provide Supply-Chain Management services involving the sourcing and supply of high-grade steel products to project-critical applications.

Evans Piling has within its own resources and across the wider Metpro Group access to extensive knowledge and experience of steel manufacturing, steel grades and steel-in-use as well as the installation of sheet piles and the design criteria influencing the material selection for civil engineering applications.

Evans has the experience and technical capability to offer a total package solution encompassing the supply of foundation-products to Port & Harbour and large Civil Works as well as the experience and capability and product mix to respond to short-notice and smaller quantity orders.  

The Metpro Group has an extensive experience in the supply of Combi-Piles solutions to meet the most demanding applications and will also fabricate the Combi-Pile, as required, to meet the project needs and Metpro will provide ongoing technical, product and engineering support to Evans Piling.

Evans Piling is committed to the improvement in the quality of its service and the traceability of its products and is accredited to ISO 9001.

Evans Piling is also committed to the environment, the sustainability of its products and the management and safe disposal of waste.

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