Evans Piling is the sole UK distributor for WADIT® Pile Sealant, which is the registered trademark for a globally proven sheet pile interlock sealant. This Pile Sealant works in all extremes of weather and will work just as well in tropical or arctic conditions.

WADIT® Pile Sealant is non-toxic and is made from sustainable natural raw materials.

The unique effect of WADIT® Pile Sealant guarantees an excellent seal even in the event of torsion and other movement in the sheet pile wall interlock.

Once WADIT® Pile Sealant is in the interlock it is impervious to all weather conditions; the performance of WADIT® Pile Sealant is not affected by any weather changes. Furthermore, you can drive the piles as soon as five minutes after applying the sealant or after months of leaving the piles lying in your yard or site.

WADIT® Pile Sealant can be used for various applications, for instance:

Temporary sheet pile wall construction
Permanent sheet pile wall construction
Trenches in soil with a high ground water level
Sealing of river banks

Casting of wall interlocks to prevent soil element ingress which would cause the piles to seize during driving

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