Evans Piling adds value to the Supply Chain through the skills of its staff in combining these service elements and providing significant benefits to its clients;

  • Flexibility for smooth project running
  • Significant value addition
  • Enhance service with proven track-record
  • Certainty & quality of supply
  • Sales of Steel Sheet Piling from stock held at its yard in Sheffield and also ex-mill to service larger projects.
  • Preparing Steel Sheet Piles at its yard in Sheffield by providing additional services such as applying sealants, cutting, welding, small fabrication.
  • Basic pairing, crimping and supplying Combi-Piles.
  • Cleaning of used piles by water jet blasting and trimming as necessary.
  • Managing fast-track and Just-in-Time deliveries to piling contractors and to project sites.
  • Offering competitive hire, leasing and buyback options for both new and used piles.
  • Arranging external application of anti-corrosion protection, such as; Epoxy Coating etc...
  • Offering a total package service for specific project including sourcing of piles and other products from UK and overseas.

    For further details on any of our services, please contact us.
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