Steel Pipes

Evans Piling, together with our colleagues at Metpro Europe Limited, can offer a large range of steel pipes for tubular piling both from stock as well as fresh production, details of the size range offered is shown below.

Supply condition

Size range

Wall thickness

Typical lengths

Longitudinal Welded (ERW/HFI)

Up to 610mm

Up to 20mm

15m max.

Longitudinal Welded (UOE)

610 – 1118mm

Up to 50mm

12m max.

LDSAW (3 roll bender)

610 – 2540mm

Up to 38mm

12m max.

LDSAW (3 roll bender)

1117 – 4000mm

Up to 110mm

6m max.

LDSAW (4 roll bender)

900 – 5000mm

Up to 110mm

4.1m max.

Spiral DSAW

508 – 3000mm

Up to 25.4mm

Up to 50m

(*)Longer lengths can be supplied by circumferential cross welding including weld integrity testing.

We can also supply piles with additional fabrication, for example; stiffening plates, interlocks, coating etc…

Useful Formulae

Weight: (OD  -  WT) x WT x 0.0246615 = kg/m
Freight factor:

(OD / 1000)² x  (1000 / kg/m) =m³/ tonne

Section Modulus: (OD⁴–ID⁴) / 32000 =cm³/m
Moment of Inertia: (OD⁴–ID⁴) / 64000 =cm⁴/m

For all calculations show OD and ID in millimeters.
OD= outside Diameter
ID = inside Diameter
WT = Wall Thickness

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